UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club
Last update -- April 1, 2017


The UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club presents "Traditional" Chung do Kwan Tae Kwon-Do
Our standards are high, as we emphasize Discipline, Courtesy, and Respect

With a focus on Discipline, Courtesy and Respect, quality instruction is presented with an emphasis on the true philosophy of Tae Kwon-Do.
As a way of life, Tae Kwon-Do is based on the ethical and moral standards by which we can live together in harmony.
We seek to eliminate violence by deterring the strong from oppressing the weak through developing a power
that must be based on humanity, justice, morality, wisdom and faith,
thus helping to build a better and more peaceful world.

Personal Etiquette & Decorum for UNI TKD Students

*  In order to enjoy the optimal mental and physical benefits of Tae Kwon-Do training, students are encouraged to live a life free of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
*  When referring to, or introducing our Chief Instructor, use "KwanJangNim", or "Jr. Grand Master."
*  When greeting our Instructor, students should render the "traditional bow."
*  When interacting with our Instructor, Tae Kwon-Do students should refer to him as "SabBumNim."

*  Members should observe our
Sport Club's dress code policy when traveling and representing the University of Northern Iowa. When not wearing the traditional DoBok at Promotional Testings, Black Belt Demonstrations, or competing at National Tournaments, White Belts thru Brown Belts should wear Business Casual, and Black Belts should be in Business Dress attire. When attending our Black Belt dinners, Black Belts and their guest should appropriately wear Business Dress.
*  Students are not to engage in any activities that might degrade the code of Tae Kwon-Do, the reputation of the UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club, their Instructor, or the reputation of the University of Northern Iowa.

DoBok Etiquette for UNI TKD Students

*  The DoBok consists of six elements. Top, trousers, belt, patches, and appropriate piping for Black Belts. A complete uniform must be worn at all times.