And Yet Another Milestone


We are pleased to announce that Joseph P. Philip, Jr., the Chief Instructor of the UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club, has been promoted to 8th Dan (8th Degree Black Belt). His advancement affords him the title "Jr. Grand Master".

Jr. Grand Master, 70, received the honor during the 246th Promotional Testing of the UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club, October 9, 2010 by his Instructor, Grand Master ChaeSun Yi, a nationally-respected 9th Dan. The event coincided with the 41st Anniversary of our Sport Club's presence at UNI.

Jr. Grand Master becomes the first Traditional Tae Kwon-Do Black Belt in America to be promoted to the 8th Dan. He has trained for 48 years, has instructed the UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club for 43 years, and has developed 846 Black Belts, 17 of whom have become Tae Kwon-Do Masters.

We congratulate Jr. Grand Master on yet another milestone in his distinguished career.

Respectfully submitted by:

Master Marshall Cowell, 5th Dan
Former President, UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club

Master Brian Gongol, 5th Dan
Program Director, Drake Tae Kwon-Do