UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club
Last update -- August 12, 2017


Our Founder and Proud Heritage
Master JinWook Choi, Ph.D.The UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club was founded in 1969 by Grand Master JinWook Choi, Ph.D., 9th Dan
48 years later, our program is UNI's oldest Sport Club, as well as the oldest collegiate Tae Kwon-Do program in America. Grand Master Choi is an Associate Professor of Economics at DePaul University.
Members of the UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club include the novice, as well as experienced Black Belts. Students of any skill level, age, gender, or physical conditioning, can grow and develop mentally and physically, and are bound only by their devotion to learn.

Our SabBumNim
Jr. Grand Master Joseph PhilipOur Chief Instructor, Jr. Grand Master Joseph Philip, has directed the UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club since 1976. He holds an 8th Dan, and has practiced the Art for 48 years. Following his discharge from the United States Marine Corps where he was decorated for valor in Viet Nam, he began his career in Des Moines in 1969 under Grand Master InMook Kim, 9th Dan, and has become one of the highest ranked non Asians in the world.
In 1974, Jr. Grand Master began two years of intensive training in Topeka, Kansas, and became the first American to achieve "Instructor Certification" under
Grand Master ChaeSun Yi, 9th Dan. Jr. Grand Master has produced 844 Distinguished Black Belts, including 2 Senior Masters, 17 Master Instructors (5th and 6th Dans), and 363 Junior Black Belts (those who earned their Black Belts as children and young adults).

In 1985, Jr. Grand Master became the first African-American to earn Master status in Traditional Tae Kwon-Do. In 1999 he was a guest Judge (Official) at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for Regional Tae Kwon-Do competition in preparation for the 2000 Sydney Games. With his advancement to 8th Dan in 2010 by Grand Master Sun Yi, Jr. Grand Master becomes the first African-American to hold such a high Tae Kwon-Do ranking. He is the most senior Black Belt in the United States.
Flying Side Kick Over Four PeopleJr. Grand Master is an International Tournament Official, Referee, and Certified "Jr. Grand Master". From 1976 to 1990, he served as Chairman and Chief Instructor of the Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota Region of the American Chung do Kwan Tae Kwon-Do Association (ACTA). During his tenure, he was responsible for supervising 18 Instructors and presiding as Chief Testing Judge for more than 15,000 students, including 3,000 Black Belts. In 1995, Grand Master IlK. Kim, 8th Dan, from Minnesota, named Jr. Grand Master the Iowa President of the Professional Tae Kwon-Do Federation.

Jr. Grand Master certifies his Black Belts, 16 years and older, to officiate in National Competition.
The certifications, renewed annually, are earned when Black Belts complete specialized training and demonstrate their ability to be impartial while protecting competitors in a safe environment. Attendance at Promotional Testings, demonstrations, and seminars is required. 

At the 27th Annual Mid-American Tae Kwon-Do Championship in St. Joseph, Missouri, Jr. Grand Master and several Distinguished Grand Masters and Master Instructors, were presented awards in the form of gold medals from Grand Master Chan-Young Kim, Chairman of the Officials Committee of the World Tae Kwon-Do Federation.
The medals read...
Oriental Moo-Do School
Distinguished Service Award
Thank you for your invaluable service for the development of oriental Moo-Do School

Our Officers (2017 -- 2018)
Nicholas Chell, 5-R, President
Ms Rachel Volkert, 3rd Dan, Assistant Instructor
Dr. Shoshanna Coon, 3rd Dan-R , Faculty Advisor




Our Art -- Traditional Tae Kwon-Do
The ancient Korean Art, Chung do Kwan Tae Kwon-Do, is based on the values of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit. Not only is Tae Kwon-Do a valid means of self-defense, but it also increases coordination, sharpens alertness, strengthens the body, and develops respect for the self and others. The feeling of accomplishment gained by the student helps develop self-confidence, which is carried over into everyday life. Tae Kwon-Do can help the shy become more confident and outgoing, and can help curb hostility through its emphasis on respect and discipline.

Tae Kwon-Do, which is more than 2,500 years old, is an excellent cardiovascular developer. The aerobic exercise is ideal for weight loss, and control. Students experience muscular development and toning. Class workouts refresh the body, and are great for stress release. Flexibility, balance, and strength conditioning include stretching and yoga. Additionally, the training is just plain fun.

With a focus on Discipline, Courtesy and Respect, quality instruction is presented with an emphasis on the true philosophy of Tae Kwon-Do. As a way of life, Tae Kwon-Do is based on the ethical and moral standards by which we can live together in harmony. We seek to eliminate violence by deterring the strong from oppressing the weak through developing a power that must be based on humanity, justice, morality, wisdom and faith, thus helping to build a better and more peaceful world.

"Only The Rocks Live Forever"

Our Invitation To You
Promotional TestingWe welcome you to our DoJang. Visitors may attend any practice session. Let's meet and answer your questions.  New students may join at anytime during the year, and practice up to 5 times per week.

We look forward to your visit.

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